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Building GREAT leaders one leader at a time!  As Gretchen de Castellane recently wrote "I've had a number of formal and informal mentors over the years, and Greg stands out as the influencer who inspires me to stay true to my leadership style, express my personal/professional brand essence, and be boldly ME so I can have the greatest impact on the organization I work within.  HIs wealth of experience as a global, people-first leader has yielded a treasure trove of information that I am honored to have access to."




The defender


On The Defender, Gregory Wade applies his 30 years of industry experience to speak about leadership within organizations providing advice, insights, and tips on how to forward your career as an employee and a leader. Do you want to be a better leader?


At The Defender, the objective is to build GREAT leaders one leader at a time. The belief is that in building GREAT leaders, toxic leadership will be dismantled over time.


Do you want to learn how to interact with leaders and challenge the status quo? Are you tired of operating in a toxic work environment? Work Bold, Lead Bold, LIVE BOLD, and remember, even if you are not a leader in an organization, you are a leader of yourself.

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Looking for leadership guidance and perspective? Don’t know where to start? Deep down are you fearful that asking for help will make you look weak? We can avoid all that...
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