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Putting Things Into Practice
Image by John Schnobrich

Engagements are all about challenging in order to learn in-practice while reflecting on work to better understand the experience.  Learning by doing seems like an obvious action but it is easier said than done

We will work together to find good opportunities to practice, and remember the following:

  • Look for opportunities.  Sometimes the opportunities to practice aren't that obvious.  It helps to ask what events (big and small) are coming up in day-to-day work and asking if any of those events could be a good place to practice. 

  • Make sure it's safe. Practicing and failure often go hand-in-hand. When you're trying something out, you're bound to make mistakes. So, make sure that the opportunities you identified for practice won't be catastrophic if you fail. 

  • Prepare to practice. Finding the best resources to help you prepare for your practice is crucial. There's a wealth of content from The Defender and more to help guide you.

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