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the defender

Building Great Leaders

Gregory (Greg) Wade helps business leaders realize the benefits from new and established strategic partnerships and alliances on a domestic, regional or global scale all with an emphasis on honing leadership skills and capabilities for maximum performance.

His clients include:


·      CEOs of technology growth companies

·      CEOs of legacy technology firms in transition

·      Senior executives and other leaders at such firms as UPS, Mattel, OpenTable, Twitter, and Credit Karma

·      digital marketing heads of luxury goods brands

·      Start-up founders

Before devoting his work fulltime to management consulting, Greg served as Global Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at one of the world’s largest consumer electronics organizations whose clients and partners included Citibank, Deutsche Bank, LVMH, BMW, Atos and BlackBerry.  Greg is also recognized in the technology industry for building a $3B business in Asia Pacific and establishing one of the most recognized and enduring brands throughout some of the world’s fastest-growing economies.


Greg is the founder of a YouTube and LinkedIn production called The Defender which emphasizes the dismantling of toxic leadership while providing the tools and insights for aspirational leaders to be great.

Greg has been an executive-in-residence at the Chicago Booth School of Business (Singapore) while also serving as a mentor at the University of Toronto.


In addition to being a management consultant, Greg runs half-marathons and enjoys traveling across the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific.  His work been featured in such places as India, Australia, Indonesia and via the media in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

Notable Accomplishments
  • Mentored hundreds of executives and leaders from F500 companies many of whom have grown in their careers

  • Built high-performance teams recognized for strength coming from diverse educational, geographic and work backgrounds

  • Negotiated numerous strategic alliances and third-party distribution agreements recognized for enduring performance

  • Established the complete operational foundation and framework for the global firms Greg has led 

  • Took a $30M B2B tech business and transformed it  into a $3B B2C market leader

  • Pivoted two legacy based software companies to SaaS for service, revenue recognition and customer success 


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