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Establish Key Measures of Success

Use success measures to show your progress towards a goal

How do you know if mentoring is really working?  How do you know if you're making progress towards your goal?

Here's one way:

  1. Identify 3 outcomes that you'd like to be able to accomplish at the end of the mentorship

  2. These should align with your overarching goal

We can work on this together if you feel more comfortable.

Test measures of success in the real-world

When we define measures for success, they are often set based on preconceived notions as to what is important.  We think that the measures we defined are actually the things that will get us towards our goals.

To really validate our success measures, we need some outside advice.

One thing you can do is have a discussion with your manager or someone else you can trust, and share the following:

  1. Your overarching goals (3-5 max)

  2. Your measures for success (3-5 max and corresponding)

  3. Ask them if there are changes or other measures they would suggest

Tip: Once you've validated and revised, share them with me.

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