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The End is The Beginning
Image by Lindsay  Henwood

Let's end the partnership on a high note by each finding and sharing two big wins from our time together. 

We can use the following as a guide to deliver the feedback: 

What specifically did both mentee and mentor do that was effective? 
What objective consequences did you observe or do you anticipate?
Does this reflect some kind of improvement?
 And you can put some icing on the cake with the following prompts: 

Is there anything non-obvious about how you (as mentee) can replicate your success?​
Does this imply strengths they can use for greater success in other situations?
What resources can you draw on to continue to grow in this area?
Is there any way you can help peers build this capability?


Make an action plan to address incomplete goals:


TOGETHER, let's try the following to address any incomplete goals with an action plan:


  1. Review your goals for the mentorship and identify the ones that are incomplete, but remain priorities.

  2. Create an action plan with deadlines set against any goals that are still a priority for you. The plan should include ways to address any hurdles you already expect to encounter.  

  3. If some of the goals are long-term, identify milestones you'll target along the way to stay on track.

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